10th story: Rosso to Dakar (20.02.05 - 06.03.05)

Finally some green countryside, we couldn’t get enough of it!
Our first destination in Senegal was the Djoudj Bird Park, where we wanted to see the huge pelican colony. It was 35km of tough washboard riding, but really worth it, because we saw some interesting birds as well as a python and some war-hogs with their little ones.

IMG_4027.jpg IMG_4031.jpg IMG_4032.jpg IMG_4034.jpg IMG_4042.jpg

We continued to St. Louis, the former capital of Senegal-Mauritania. Here we had some rest days and took some time to explore the city.

IMG_4044.jpg IMG_4067.jpg IMG_4076.jpg IMG_4087.jpg IMG_4120.jpg
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Rested and refreshed we hit the road south. There is quite some traffic and since it gets quite hot around the middle of the day we have to stop and held “siesta”. We make good progress since the road is rather flat. Everywhere we pass through people look at us and our bikes. Generally speaking people are much more open minded here in Senegal, though every second person demands a pen, a gift or money. A polite but firm “no” is luckily easily accepted, everyone seems to think that “asking won’t hurt anyone“.

Since the campground close to Dakar, which was highly recommended in our guidebook, didn’t exist anymore we continued further south along the coast. In the small village of Toubab Dialow we found a very nice hotel right at the Atlantic ocean.

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Here we could leave our bikes and the equipment because we decided to fly home to Germany for two weeks at short sight: Hendrik has to get his routine medical check because of his diabetes. We also have to exchange some of the equipment and don’t want to wait for parcels to arrive.

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