11th story: Back home (07.03.05 - 23.03.05)

At short sight we went back home to Germany from Dakar/Senegal on March 6th. We nearly didn’t make it! Our tickets, which we had booked online, didn’t arrive on time. But on the telephone we were told that we could board the plane with a faxed confirmation. Of course things were different when we wanted to check in. Luckily the captain of this flight was quite helpful and 20 minutes before departure we were allowed to board the plane.

What a hassle!

The next morning we got a warm welcome including a breakfast from our friend Susanne at the Frankfurt airport. At noon we continued on to Hamburg. During our visit we stayed at Franziska’s mother’s house in Bad Oldesloe, conveniently situated between Hamburg and Lübeck.
Our main reason for coming home was the fact that Hendrik had to get his routine medical checkups because of his diabetes. All his results were good, though. But on March 18th the dentist had to pull a wisdom-tooth. We also managed to exchange some of the equipment respectively buy some new things. We would like to thank all our sponsors once again!

Though it was quite hectic during these two weeks we really enjoyed seeing our friends and our families and also enjoyed eating our favourite food again. But two weeks are enough now and we are anxious to be on our bikes again.