14th story: Flying back home on April 21st

Our Dutch friends Inge and Jeroen took us to the Accra airport on April 21st and helped getting our bikes and gear packed. Of course, the wrapping specialists from Lufthansa Cargo had their own ideas about how to wrap a bike with cardboard. Since we have made rather bad experiences with boxes and cardboard we managed to get some bubble wrap.

Without the help of Inge and Jeroen we would not have managed this, since Franziska wasnīt feeling well that day. After we had checked in the bikes and the lugagge, the two invited us to lunch.
Safety standards at the airport were somehow different: Though we had to pass through a metall detector, they decided to switch it on only afterwards. The windows of the restrooms after security control were so big and open, that one could just throw things in there. It seems that the international airlines were aware of a lack of security since there was a German border control officer working at the check in counter.
The flight itself was rather calm, first we had a stop in Lagos/Nigeria before heading north.

Friends of ours were already waiting for us in Hamburg to pick us up.
First thing on Monday we went to the hospital to get a check up. It seems that we didinīt catch any severe illnesses, but the heat, the sweating and so on was simply too stressful, especially for Hendrik.

We have always known that staying healthy is the number one issue and that we might have to return home because of Hendrikīs diabetis. Though we have not reached our final destination of the trip -South Africa- we are satisfied with this trip and are happy that we have made it so far.

After returning back home we heard a lot of stories about riots in Togo, Nigeria, Angola and even Namibia so that it would have been uncertain if we would have been able to continue the way we wanted.