7th story: Broken bike frame in the sahara (01.01.05)

This year started with a bad surprise: Hendrik's bike frame is broken!

We spent new year's eve in the dessert with a startlit sky and a temperature of only 4C. We were feeling happy and anxious to cycle in the sahara.
On January 1st we stopped at a roadside cafe to have a coca cola. A truck drove by, caused a suck and Hendrik's bike toppled over. These things happen, usually no big deal, but this time the kickstand and the handlebar were bent. Worst of all there was a strange noise. After 2 more km the bike started to wobble, first we thought a flat tire or broken fork. We stopped, took all the panniers and the seat off the bike and discovered that the frame was broken 2/3!
What a catastrophe, we were in the middle of the dessert, 55km from Guilmim and 60km from the next town Tan Tan. And there was hardly any traffic on this road. Luckily we found a truck driver who took us for free to Tan Tan. We were pretty frustrated as you can imagine. We felt pretty sad not to be able to cycle this part, after 7250km the first time we were unable to cycle due to a broken frame. Since it was Saturday there was nothing we could do about it. We checked into Tan Tan's best hotel and felt rather depressed.

On Monday, January 3rd we called the bicycle company and they will send a replacement right away.

We just hope that it won't take so long since Tan Tan is in the dessert and there is really not much to do.